seroquel annual cost

Product descriptionv seroquel annual cost.

INDICATIONS seroquel annual cost.

Seroquel is used for treating schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. Seroquel is an atypical antipsychotic. It affects certain receptors in the brain. This may help to improve symptoms associated with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

INSTRUCTIONS seroquel annual cost.

Use Seroquel as directed by your doctor.

  • Take Seroquel by mouth with or without food.
  • Continue to take Seroquel even if you feel well. Do not miss any dose.
  • Do not suddenly stop taking Seroquel without first talking with your doctor. You may have an increased risk of side effects. If you need to stop Seroquel or add a new medicine, your doctor will gradually lower your dose.
  • If you miss a dose of Seroquel, take it as soon as possible. If it is almost time for your next dose, skip the missed dose and go back to your regular dosing schedule. Do not take 2 doses at once.

Ask your health care provider any questions you may have about how to use Seroquel.

STORAGE seroquel annual cost.

Store Seroquel at 77 degrees F (25 degrees C). Brief storage at temperatures between 59 and 86 degrees F (15 and 30 degrees C) is permitted. Store away from heat, moisture, and light. Do not store in the bathroom. Keep Seroquel out of the reach of children and away from pets.

Active Ingredient: Quetiapine fumarate.

Safety information seroquel annual cost.

Do NOT use Seroquel if:

  • you are allergic to any ingredient in Seroquel.

Contact your doctor or health care provider right away if any of these apply to you.

Some medical conditions may interact with Seroquel. Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you have any medical conditions, especially if any of the following apply to you:

  • if you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or are breast-feeding
  • if you are taking any prescription or nonprescription medicine, herbal preparation, or dietary supplement
  • if you have allergies to medicines, foods, or other substances
  • if you or a family member has a history of bipolar disorder (manic depression), suicidal thoughts or attempts, mental or mood problems, or diabetes
  • if you drink alcohol or have a history of alcohol or substance abuse
  • if you have Alzheimer disease, dementia, or trouble swallowing, or you are very overweight
  • if you have a history of heart problems (eg, heart attack, heart failure, irregular heartbeat), stroke, blood vessel problems, high blood cholesterol levels, or high or low blood pressure
  • if you have history of blood problems (eg, low white blood cells), liver problems, thyroid problems, cataracts, narrow-angle glaucoma, seizures, neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS), high blood prolactin levels, or breast cancer.

Some medicines may interact with Seroquel. Tell your health care provider if you are taking any other medicines, especially any of the following:

  • Alpha-blockers (eg, doxazosin) or medicine for high blood pressure because the risk of low blood pressure and fainting may be increased
  • Azole antifungals (eg, ketoconazole), divalproex, fluvoxamine, HIV protease inhibitors (eg, ritonavir), macrolide antibiotics (eg, erythromycin), or telithromycin because they may increase the risk of Seroquel’s side effects
  • Barbiturates (eg, phenobarbital), carbamazepine, corticosteroids (eg, prednisone), phenytoin, rifampin, or thioridazine because they may decrease Seroquel’s effectiveness
  • Dopamine receptor agonists (eg, pramipexole) or levodopa because their effectiveness may be decreased by Seroquel.

This may not be a complete list of all interactions that may occur. Ask your health care provider if Seroquel may interact with other medicines that you take. Check with your health care provider before you start, stop, or change the dose of any medicine.

Important safety information:

  • Seroquel may cause drowsiness, dizziness, or decreased vision. These effects may be worse if you take it with alcohol or certain medicines. Use Seroquel with caution. Do not drive or perform other possible unsafe tasks until you know how you react to it.
  • Talk with your doctor before you use medicines that may cause drowsiness (eg, sleep aids, muscle relaxers) while you are using Seroquel; it may add to their effects. Ask your pharmacist if you have questions about which medicines may cause drowsiness.
  • Seroquel may cause dizziness, lightheadedness, or fainting; alcohol, hot weather, exercise, or fever may increase these effects. This may be more likely to occur when you start to take Seroquel, and also if your dose increases. To prevent these effects, sit up or stand slowly, especially in the morning. Sit or lie down at the first sign of any of these effects.
  • Do not drink alcohol while you are using Seroquel.
  • Do not become overheated or dehydrated in hot weather or while you are being active; heatstroke, dizziness, or fainting may occur.
  • Several weeks may pass before your symptoms improve. Do NOT take more than the recommended dose or use for longer than prescribed without checking with your doctor.
  • Children, teenagers, and young adults who take Seroquel may be at increased risk for suicidal thoughts or actions. Watch all patients who take Seroquel closely. Contact the doctor at once if new, worsened, or sudden symptoms, such as depressed mood; anxious, restless, or irritable behavior; panic attacks; or any unusual change in mood or behavior, occur. Contact the doctor right away if any signs of suicidal thoughts or actions occur.
  • Seroquel may rarely cause a prolonged, painful erection. This could happen even when you are not having sex. If this is not treated right away, it could lead to permanent sexual problems such as impotence. Contact your doctor right away if this happens.
  • Seroquel may raise your blood sugar. High blood sugar may make you feel confused, drowsy, or thirsty. It can also make you flush, breathe faster, or have a fruit-like breath odor. If these symptoms occur, tell your doctor right away.
  • Neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS) is a possibly fatal syndrome that can be caused by Seroquel. Symptoms may include fever; stiff muscles; confusion; abnormal thinking; fast or irregular heartbeat; and sweating. Contact your doctor at once if you have any of these symptoms.
  • Some patients who take Seroquel may develop muscle movements that they cannot control. This is more likely to happen in elderly patients, especially women. The chance that this will happen or that it will become permanent is greater in those who take Seroquel in higher doses or for a long time. Muscle problems may also occur after short-term treatment with low doses. Tell your doctor at once if you have muscle problems with your arms; legs; or your tongue, face, mouth, or jaw (eg, chewing movements, mouth puckering, puffing of cheeks, tongue sticking out) while taking Seroquel.
  • Rarely, Seroquel may lower the ability of your body to fight infection. Avoid contact with people who have colds or infections. Tell your doctor if you notice signs of infection like fever, sore throat, rash, or chills.
  • Seroquel may increase the amount of a certain hormone (prolactin) in your blood. Symptoms may include enlarged breasts or decreased sexual ability in men missed menstrual period or nipple discharge in women. Contact your doctor right away if any of these symptoms occur.
  • Lab tests, including complete blood cell counts, blood sugar or cholesterol levels, liver function, or eye exams, may be performed while you use Seroquel. You may also receive regular weight checks while you use Seroquel. These tests may be used to monitor your condition or check for side effects. Be sure to keep all doctor and lab appointments.
  • Use Seroquel with caution in the elderly; they may be more sensitive to its effects, especially uncontrolled muscle movements.
  • Increased blood pressure has been reported in children and teenagers who use Seroquel. Children and teenagers should receive regular blood pressure checks while they use Seroquel.
  • Seroquel should be used with extreme caution in children younger 10 years; safety and effectiveness in these children have not been confirmed.
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding: If you become pregnant, contact your doctor. You will need to discuss the benefits and risks of using Seroquel while you are pregnant. It is not known if Seroquel is found in breast milk. Do not breastfeed while taking Seroquel.

Side effects seroquel annual cost.

All medicines may cause side effects, but many people have no, or minor, side effects.

Check with your doctor if any of these most common side effects persist or become bothersome:

Constipation; dizziness; drowsiness; dry mouth; increased appetite; lightheadedness; nasal congestion; nausea; sore throat; stomach pain or upset; tiredness; vomiting; weakness; weight gain.

Seek medical attention right away if any of these severe side effects occur:

Severe allergic reactions (rash; hives; itching; difficulty breathing; tightness in the chest; swelling of the mouth, face, lips, or tongue); confusion; fainting; fast, slow, or irregular heartbeat; fever, chills, or persistent sore throat; increased saliva production or drooling; increased sweating; memory loss; menstrual changes; muscle pain, stiffness, or weakness; new or worsening mental or mood changes (eg, aggressiveness, agitation, anxiety, depression, exaggerated feeling of well-being, hallucination, hostility, impulsiveness, inability to sit still, irritability, panic attacks, restlessness); numbness or tingling; persistent, painful erection; seizures; severe or prolonged dizziness or headache; shortness of breath; suicidal thoughts or actions; swelling of the hands, legs, or feet; symptoms of high blood sugar (eg, increased thirst, hunger, or urination; unusual weakness); tremor; trouble concentrating, speaking, or swallowing; trouble sleeping; trouble walking or standing; uncontrolled muscle movements (eg, arm or leg movements, jerking or twisting, twitching of the face or tongue); vision changes.

This is not a complete list of all side effects that may occur. If you have questions about side effects, contact your health care provider.

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